Women's Aid

We are proud to be working with Women’s Aid to help women though our book – Playing with Fire. We will be donating to this charity regularly from proceeds from sales of the book.

This is close to the heart of Karen and her sister Coleen as they have had feedback from many women because this book has helped them through their own struggles with similar issues.

If you haven’t read the story please head to our BOOKS section for details on how to buy it.

Women’s Aid

National Deaf Children's Society

This is a charity that we have been donating to in a personal capacity for a few years now. This charity is close to Ryan’s heart due to his own issues with hearing loss.

We are proud to be helping deaf children and bringing awareness to the difficulties they experience. We also support the society’s efforts to have British Sign Language recognised as an official language in the UK and having it taught in UK schools.

National Deaf Children’s Society