Coleen Greenwood Shares Her Journey on Steph’s Packed Lunch

We’re thrilled to be in Leeds today as our very own Coleen Greenwood takes centre stage as a guest on Steph’s Packed Lunch. Amidst the nerves, Coleen, a seasoned pro in live television and documentary filming, is set to unfold her captivating story to Steph and the world. If you can’t catch the live broadcast at 13:15, don’t worry—tune in to Catchup later and join us on this incredible journey.

Since being first approached in February of this year, the opportunity to appear on the show is nothing short of a privilege. We’re excited to share Coleen’s inspiring story with a broader audience, and we hope this exposure will not only raise awareness but also drive more book sales. The proceeds from these sales play a crucial role in supporting our commitment to “Women’s Aid.”

During her appearance, Coleen will not only recount her personal story but also delve into the themes explored in her book, “Playing with Fire” Additionally, she’ll share an exciting update—the much-anticipated follow-up book is currently in the works!

As the clock ticks towards 13:15, we wish Coleen the best of luck on Steph’s Packed Lunch. May her story resonate with viewers and inspire positive change.


Steph's Packed Lunch
Steph’s Packed Lunch







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